YOUR CONSULTANT IS Catrina & Mike Brunk

My Story

I started with Scentsy in February of 2011, I had been part of a half dozen or so other direct selling companies before Scentsy and never really did a lot with those so I didn't have high hopes for Scentsy.
When I started, I remember reading that Scentsy would issue me a 1099 if I earned more than $600 in a year. My husband and I joked that we would never earn that much, we joined primarily for the discount.
Fast forward to now, six years later, and look at us. Most recently Mike and I took a 5 day trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic all expenses paid with Scentsy, because we earned it with our yearly incentive. We went on a 5 day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico in 2016 all thanks to Scentsy. With Scentsy we have traveled to Las Vegas twice, and both Fort Worth, Texas & Nashville, TN once for our annual conventions. 2017 Convention was in Kansas City and we loved it. 2015 we used my commissions to pay for a 10 day family vacation to Disney World, something I thought we'd never be able to do.
Now I have a group of over 140 and I'm a Star Director, a title I thought I'd never achieve. A lot of hard work and perseverance has really paid off. I have a great team, a great family, I love my business, I'm making more than I ever thought I would and having so much fun doing it. I have now quit my job and work from home full time all thanks to Scentsy. Over the years I've seen the generosity and authenticity of Scentsy as a company and I have been very impressed with how they care for their consultants and their community. I've never been a part of a company that is so willing to give back so much. Thank You, Scentsy.